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Switch Kit

We’ve Taken The Hassle Out Of Moving Your Accounts.

Just follow the five easy steps below to transfer your accounts to Coastal States Bank.

Step 1 – Open your new CSB account online or at your local branch and don’t forget to sign up for Online & Mobile Banking.

Step 2 – Stop using your old account(s) to allow outstanding payments and checks to clear the account(s).

Step 3 – Setup your direct deposits. Complete the Direct Deposit Change Request and give to your employer, your retirement plan, or the Social Security Administration. You may also call 1-800-333-1795 or visit to setup direct deposit for Social Security payments.

Step 4 – Change your automatic payments. Use the Automatic Payment Change Request to change any withdrawals or payments that are automatically made from your old account. Remember to switch over payments processed through your debit card as well.

Step 5 – Close your old account. When all your checks have cleared and you’ve changed your automatic payments, complete the Account Closing Authorization to say goodbye to your old bank.

Coastal States Bank Routing Number: 053208105