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Coastal States Bank Provides The Highest Level Of Security
To Ensure Your Account Information Is Secure.

Secure Communications

For your protection, Coastal States Bank's Account Access requires 128-bit browser encryption. This industry standard prevents the possible interception of your personal financial information over the Internet.

Secure Login

No one at Coastal States Bank will ever ask for your password. Protecting your personal password is important to the security of your account. Please never share your password with anyone.

Secure Environment

Only authenticated bank customers or administrators can send or receive transactions to or from Coastal States Bank's computer. Our computer system does not directly connect to the Internet. It is isolated by a "firewall" of software and hardware products that define, control, and limit the access that "outside" computers have to it. This firewall meets or exceeds all the standards set by the National Computer Security Association.

Security Review

We continuously monitor and audit all incoming and outgoing transactions through the internet.  We operate in accordance with all the rules and regulations of banking and bank security as set forth by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the State of South Carolina.

E-mail Communications

For your protection, we recommend that you do not e-mail account numbers, debit card numbers, passwords, or other critical financial information.  We cannot guarantee the security of standard e-mail communications.  Your account data at Coastal States Bank is secured by our state of the art technical equipment and security policies.   When you log onto your CSB account(s) your privacy is ensured by SSL technology.   This technology allows users to establish sessions with secure Internet sites. 

Customer Service

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at